Underfloor Heating

Previously considered an extravagance, underfloor heating is now so versatile there is a system to suit all. Imagine the luxury of warmth under your feet.

What is underfloor heating?

There are two types of underfloor heating – wet systems and electric systems. REN installs wet systems which involves pumping warm water through pipes in the floor. These systems are efficient, controllable and provide a lovely even warmth across any room without the need for unsightly radiators. With many different types of systems available it is not only a new build that can benefit from this superb heating system. If you are extending or renovating give our underfloor experts a call to discuss your options. Once we have fitted your underfloor pipe work we can even install your screed.

What about radiators?

If an underfloor system is not suitable for your project or you don’t want underfloor upstairs a modern radiator system will be just as effective. Our experts will size the radiators to suit the heat pump system and in some cases we can fit digital thermostats for all round control.

lovely warm floors under your feet

can work with radiators on other floors

provides even and consistent heat

one of the most energy efficient forms of heating

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If you feel that underfloor heating could be suitable for your project why not give us a call? The team at REN are always happy to talk renewables

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